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Farm to School Food Access Communication

Food Access

The Office of Farm to Fork is committed to lessening the impact of food insecurity through increasing access points and expanding availability of resources.

The Budget Act of 2018 reauthorized the CA Nutrition Incentive Program (described below) and created the Healthy Refrigeration Grant Program, first introduced by Assembly Member Phil Ting and co-sponsored by Assembly Member Rob Bonta, and now established in California Food and Agricultural Code section 49015. The Healthy Refrigeration Grant Program improves access to California-grown produce in the small retail environment for underserved communities. The program funds energy efficient refrigeration units in corner stores and small businesses located in food deserts throughout the state, supplying a key infrastructure need for businesses that want to offer their customers healthier choices.

In 2015 Assembly Bill 1321 established the California Nutrition Incentive Program to encourage the purchase and consumption of healthy, California-grown fresh fruits and vegetables by nutrition benefit clients. Housed within the Office of Farm to Fork, the program provides monetary incentives for the purchase of California grown fruits and vegetables at Certified Farmers’ Markets and small businesses.