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Urban Agriculture Grant Program

Welcome to CDFA’s Office of Farm to Fork Urban Agriculture Grant Program!

The California Department of Food and Agriculture's (CDFA) Urban Agriculture Grant Program (UAGP) is a one-time only, competitive grant that will fund programs and projects that enhance the viability of urban agriculture in urban areas across the state of CA.

Urban Agriculture refers to the cultivation, processing, and distribution of agricultural products in urban settings, including things like inground small plot cultivation, raised beds, vertical production, warehouse farms, mushroom growing, urban forestry and tree care, community gardens, rooftop farms, hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic facilities, and other innovations. Urban farmers and gardeners work among diverse populations to expand access to nutritious foods, foster community engagement, offer workforce development opportunities, educate communities about food and farming, and expand green spaces.

CDFA defines “urban” as a geographic area no more than 25 miles adjacent to or outside of one Urbanized Area containing a population of 50,000 or more people.

Priority will be given to urban agriculture projects led by or serving priority populations. Priority Populations will be identified using the California Air Resources Board’s California Climate Investments Priority Populations map.

CDFA will award up to $11,670,000 for proposals through this solicitation.

Grant Timeline & Process

Schedule for Urban Agriculture Grant Program
Activity Date (tentative)
PT Pacific Time
Public Comment Period June 1 – June 15, 2023
Request for Application Opens August 21, 2023
Request for Application Closes October 23, 2023 @ 5pm PT
Application Information Session (will be recorded) August 29, 2023 @ 1pm-2:30pm PT
Request for Proposal Review Period November – February 2023
Award Notification Period March 2024
Contract and Grant Agreement Period March 2024 - May 2024
Projects Begin (Estimated) May/June 2024
Grant Award Recipients & Announcement

CDFA's Office of Farm to Fork is excited to announce the Urban Agriculture Grant Program is awarding $11.67 million to 33 projects across California that enhance the viability of urban agriculture.

View the list of CDFA Urban Agriculture Grant Program Award Recipients.

Press Release: CDFA Awards $11.67 Million For Urban Agriculture Projects Across California

Urban Agriculture Grant Program Application Information
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August 29, 2023 @ 1:00pm - 2:30 pm PT via Zoom

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