California Farm to School Program

California Farm to School Program

About the Program

Farm to School Programs are a vital way to improve the health and well-being of California schoolchildren through integrated nutrition education and healthy food access. Hundreds of millions of meals are served each year in California schools, and expanding opportunities for local food procurement that is tied to nutrition education is essential for establishing healthy eating habits that children can carry into adulthood. Procurement of more California grown food also supports connecting California's agriculture to California consumers.

The Budget Act of 2020 includes a $10 million one-time General Fund allocation for the 2020-21 fiscal year and $1.5 million annually thereafter for the California Department of Food and Agriculture to establish a Farm to School Grant Program and provide ongoing support for the California Farm to School Network. The grant program will help support California farmers and expand healthy food access by providing grants to schools to establish programs that promote local and California grown food procurement and utilization in school meals. It will also support food and agriculture education in classrooms and cafeterias through experiential learning opportunities in school gardens, on farms and through other culinary and agricultural pathways. This funding will also support the Farm to School Working Group to advance farm to school implementation and explore how to create a more resilient and climate-smart food supply in California.

The Office of Farm to Fork hosts the California Farm to School Network, which functions as a communications hub and a convener across many organizations and regions in the state. The Network aligns Farm to School efforts, shares resources, and bring farmers, schools, distributors, and practitioners together. The Office is also a Core Partner for the National Farm to School Network and partners with the California Department of Education, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, UEPI, and Life Lab in support of the California Farm to School Network.

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The California Farm to School Network originated as the California Farm to School Taskforce, which was formed in 2004 to provide coordination and leadership around Farm to School programming. In 2013, the Taskforce broadened its work and transitioned to a network open to everyone in the state of California who is working on Farm to School programs and projects. In 2017 the California Farm to School Network transitioned to the California Department of Food and Agriculture Office of Farm to Fork.

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