Healthy Stores Refrigeration Grant Program

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The Healthy Stores Refrigeration Grant Program

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has announced grant awards for the second round of the pilot Healthy Stores Refrigeration Grant Program. Through this program, CDFA funds energy efficient refrigeration units in corner stores and small businesses in low-income or low-access areas throughout the state to stock California-grown fresh produce, nuts and minimally processed foods. The purpose of the program is to improve access to healthy food choices in the small retail environment for underserved communities, while promoting CA-grown agriculture.

The Healthy Stores Refrigeration Grant Program is established in California Food and Agricultural Code section 49015 and funding was made available in the Budget Act of 2018.

This round, 39 grantees were awarded over $1.6 million in funding, including 28 small stores/small businesses, 10 nonprofits and one county. Refrigeration units will be provided to approximately 55 corner stores throughout the state, many of which will also receive technical assistance, as well as to several other small businesses and nonprofit projects. See Round II Grant Awards for complete details.

During the first grant round, 28 grantees were awarded more than $2.8 million in funding (see Round I Grant Awards).

CDFA is pleased to announce $20 million was allocated for program continuation in late September 2021 and will provide updates about the expanded program in the next few months. Check this website for future opportunities and reach out to to be added to the email list.